Mothers Day, Marmalade, Books and a Recipe

Its Mother’s Day this weekend in the UK and like our friends across the world (who celebrate the day in May), today won’t be a day spent with family, friends or loved ones. The Coronavirus is affecting everyone and it is a very strange time for all of us, wherever we live.


#StayStrongTogether is a great hashtag on social media and little acts of kindness that are taking place are bringing us together as communities. Remember the elderly and the isolated during the weeks ahead and help out wherever you can; even a phone call can make a huge difference. All my talks, guest speaker events, book signings etc are now cancelled for the months ahead and I will use the spare time to make some calls, keep in touch and up my writing and also hope that my books will sell online.



My new book Hattie Goes To Hollywood is on promotion this weekend, so if you are stuck inside grab yourself a feel-good read and escape for a few hours with super sleuth Hattie and the shenanigans of British village life in Hollywood – a little place nestling in the beautiful Lake District hills where murder and mystery abound. Hattie Goes To Hollywood is only 99p / $1.30 whilst on promo.



It’s the little things in life at the moment that are giving a lot of joy. I entered three pots of marmalade into the Dalemain UK Marmalade Festival which was to be held last weekend but was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I’ve never entered before and more or less forgot about it. Imagine my pleasure when the post came yesterday and I learnt that I’d won a silver certificate and a merit! A big thank you to the judges.



An easy and inexpensive recipe for you in this newsletter is my lovely Canadian daughter-in-law’s delicious banana bread. If you have bananas on the fruit dish that are dark and need eating, mash them together with a few store-cupboard ingredients and you will have a tasty treat for your tea today. A tip – don’t throw away dark or discoloured bananas, pop them in the freezer and use whenever you fancy making this recipe. You can cut down on the sugar content as freezing bananas seems to make them sweeter. Enjoy!

Ashley’s Banana Bread

4 mashed bananas / 2 eggs / 1 ¾ cups Self Raising Flour1 ½ cups white sugar / 1 ½ cups veg oil / ¼ cup milk

1 teaspoon baking powder / I teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients, mix well and pour batter into 2 loaf tins (greased & lined)

Bake at 170 C / 325 F until golden brown

Note: any cup size as long as uniform throughout

USA: If using plain flour double the baking powder

Take great care of yourselves in these difficult times, please keep safe and stay healthy

Sending love to you and yours

Caroline xx


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