Beautiful Cumbria – My Writing Muse

I often write about Cumbria after falling in love with the county many years ago. For me, the Lake District is a creative’s dream.

Cumbria – the inspiration for The Best Boomerville Hotel

My novels often feature a fictional hotel and the latest, The Best Boomerville Hotel is no exception as guests’ flock to the area and book in, to experience the beauty and splendour of the landscape.

For several years, I ran a pub, then a hotel, in the Eden Valley and was captivated by the warmth of the locals who were so supportive to a newcomer. Walking along the shadowy ridges of the fells in my spare time restored my spirits after a hard day at work and spurred my creative juices, for even then I knew that I wanted to write stories based in this special place.


More recently I was touched by the floods that devastated parts of the country. In particular, the town of Appleby which had once been my home and the floods feature in The Best Boomerville Hotel.


I write feel-good novels to uplift and inspire and with the magic of the mountains and sparkling waters of the lakes, I owe a great deal to my muse.

Beautiful Cumbria, thank you.

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Novels by Caroline James

The Best Boomerville Hotel is available in paperback from all good bookshops and online as an ebook and audible download.

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