Bring on the Boomers…

Mid-life crisis? I’m all for writing about mid-lifers embracing life and having fun and have enjoyed some interesting conversations recently on a couple of radio shows that I was asked to appear on. The general opinion seemed to come across is that the baby boomer generation is privileged and possibly the most affluent sector of our society.  I don’t think that is necessarily the case. Here’s my take on that theory:

Baby Boomer Me

Baby boomers are people born during the post WWII baby boom and their current ages are 50-72. I’m a baby boomer and we are supposed to be the wealthiest, most active and physically fit generation in history, all currently reaping the benefits of a good lifestyle that peak levels of income bring. Baby boomers are said to be the luckiest generation having benefitted from free education, a buoyant job market and inherited property windfalls amongst other advantages.

But are they all so lucky? Alcohol studies state that baby boomers, who grew up with more liberal attitudes to alcohol, are ruining their health with heavy home drinking and with the current financial uncertainties and pension crisis, many boomers fear for their future and find themselves working way beyond their estimated pension age. Western culture suggests that we become invisible to the younger generation as we get older. I was also surprised to learn that one in three people over the age of 50 now live on their own in the UK.


Middle agers are susceptible, especially women who feel they are no longer attractive nor have the confidence of their youth. When researching for The Best Boomerville Hotel, I discovered how some women (and men) at this time of life have been financially conned. My findings were shocking, for example, many readers will remember the sad case of Helen Field, a celebrated author, who was murdered by her fiancé for his financial gain.

None of this represents the picture that many baby boomers expected to paint in their middle years and beyond.

For me, growing older has never been more fun. I believe that we are able to be the best that we can at every stage of our life and that ageing means being comfortable in your own skin. Coming out of your comfort zone is daunting. Doing it at this time of life is doubly hard but I have found that stepping out of your day to day and testing new waters generates the energy to recharge your creative batteries.

With this in mind, I wanted to write a novel that is uplifting for older and younger readers alike and to show that life can be wonderful as you age. Fictionally, if my characters can dodge the conmen, the daunting media hype and face the ageing process with enthusiasm, they can embrace it. I hope that the personalities in my new novel The Best Boomerville Hotel reflect these thoughts and that the courses and sometimes crazy experiences that I put them through will encourage readers to  embrace their own life, at whatever age. Personally, I think baby boomers can most certainly boom!






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