They wrote a book together! Authors Nikki Ashton & Victoria Johns tell us how they co-wrote, I Want Get Laid by Kade…



This is a first for me. I am interviewing two authors who have co-written a book .  I am fascinated to know how they achieved this. Read on…

I Want To Get laid By Kade

has just been published and looks set to ride high in the romance charts.

V and N
Authors Victoria Johns & Nikki Ashton

I Wanna Get Laid by Kade

PNG Kindle Cover

Out Now!

by Nikki Ashton & Victoria Johns

Meet Nikki Ashton and Victoria Johns…

Why did the two of you decide to team up and write a book together?

Since meeting just over a year ago, we have become good friends.  We both have the same inappropriate sense of humour and just hit it off.  As we’d both read various collaboration novels, we thought it would be good fun to try.  So we did and it turned out better than we expected.

What is your writing process when working on the book?

We had an idea for the start and the end, with a journey of discovery in the middle to join it up! We agreed to write a couple of chapters each, from whichever characters perspective that we thought appropriate-not just leaving it down to the two main characters.  We didn’t tell each other where our chapters were going, but left it as a surprise.  When it was our turn to write we simply picked up the story and carried on, with whichever path we felt flowed.  It was towards the end that we started to leave each other plot messages at the end of each chapter.

Who gets to write the sex scenes?

Nikki 2
Nikki Ashton

We both did them and then swapped notes at the end – we couldn’t possibly say who of us has the dirtiest mind!

Will a reader be able to tell which of you has written what?

Reviews suggest not, however you may pick up clues if you’re familiar with our other books.  BETA reader groups are certainly having fun guessing.

What inspired the book?

The book is all about two of the extremes of today’s society.  Neither should define modern life, but they are there and we felt that it would be a good story to mix the two and look at the consequences of doing so.

Was it fun?

all books
Nikki Ashton Books

It was tremendously good fun.  It was the perfect blend of being a reader and an author, with lots of surprises along the way.

Was is quick?

Surprisingly so, taking around six weeks in total.  Writing in small chunks is easier to take the time to sit and focus on than the thought of having to write a full novel.

Was it painful?

Victoria Johns

No, it wasn’t at all.  Possibly because we have the same sense of humour and like the same genre of books, it worked.  Nikki just had to not let her OCD on formatting and continuity stress her out.

Will we be seeing more of Kade?

Yes, we hope so, but not as a leading character. 




You’re both off to Miami soon to a book signing event. How did this happen?

We’ve both been attending a few signings in this country, and an invite to one in the US was a chance not to be missed.  We’re looking forward to meeting lots of new readers and bloggers from across the pond.

Collage 2017-04-05 14_02_36-1
Victoria Johns Books

Any advice for an aspiring author?

Just do it.  If you have a story in your head, whether it be short, long, epic or poetry, put some time aside to write it.  Remember that overnight success is the exception not the norm, so stick with it and be prepared for the long haul.

What’s next for both of you?

We’re both really busy this year with releases-three each.  Victoria is continuing with her Soul Mates series and Nikki moving into a new series, The Connor’s, as well as taking part in a Rock Star Anthology.  However, we had so much fun writing Kade, that we have scheduled some time in to write the follow up-so watch this space.




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